Friday, 26 April 2013

Kaitlin's inspiration


 I adore plants. I tend to admire their natural beauty through my photography. Succulents, passion flowers, other desert plants and orchids tend to be my favorite. Honestly, to me, they are a God given gift put on Earth.  

 Prints & patterns. Anything detailed is a must.I love art in general but really in depth prints are what catch my eye. They can be anything from delicate to extravagant I love to wear them and I love to draw them. Definitely a huge statement piece when it comes to my own personal style. 


Coffee Coffee Coffee!! I feel like it's a very "in" thing right now but heck, I love it for it's beauty and taste. I can't go anywhere without my coffee. Sometimes my anxiety gets in the way, so for times like that I switch to green tea (huge benefits when it comes to your health.) So yes, coffee sparks huge inspiration for me.


Texture. I love things that give off vintage vibes. So when it comes to wear 'n tear, count me in! Especially when more than one color is involved, such as this piece. When I edit my photography, I am in love with layering my pictures. I also hope to somehow apply texture to my future dorm room, so we'll see. Also, when it comes to my nails I LOVE marblin' them. So texture is a huge plus.

Rings, fingers stacked full of rings. Seriously, when it comes to accessorizing rings is are my greatest weakness. If a future love interest ever was to get  me some sort of ring I could just melt right on the spot. When it comes to my own personal finger candy style, I love mixing golds with silvers. My all time favorite is knuckle rings (similar to the large ring on  right hand side of this photo.) Rings with gems (opal, amethyst and turquoise are my all time favs.) Basically they are my staple piece.


With love,

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  1. this is such an amazing post... and i feel ya. perfect inspiration! :)