Saturday, 27 April 2013

East Coastin'

my view from where I stayed

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------◈◈-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was able to see my sister for a belated Birthday visit (20th-21st.) 

So that's what we did! We took the normal 3 hour trip directly across the state, made a few pit-stops here and there and wound up in the beautiful place that I am happy to call my future home. My blood pressure goes up whenever I get the opportunity to go road trippin' to the East Coast. There's always something to do, people to meet and places to go. It's a total change of scenery compared to where I live (*cough cough* a small podunk retirement community of a town.) Thank goodness that I will be attending University there next fall and if things work out, I may be moving there this summer.

 Saturday; We got to stay right on the beach. Literally. The view was unbelievable and I wish I was able to capture more photos of our mini vaca. The day 1/2 we were there allowed us to wonder around. We went to the local Green Market that occurs every Saturday. I was able to purchase another little plant to add to my collection. Lets just say, help, I'm addicted and I can't stop. We soaked up the sun + the environment and enjoyed it whilst sippin' on some fresh chai, along with coffee, while we were walking around. 

Later that afternoon, my sister decided to take us to the mall which is two stories and includes a Starbucks not only on the top floor but ALSO the second floor. I don't know whether or not to complain? Oh well. We ate there for a late lunch/early dinner then adventured around. My brother went clothing shopping for himself, it was about time he did, while my mom and I just browsed and goofed around. 

Another highlight of that afternoon was passing by someone familiar of all sorts. I am so awkward I swear. I never go up to people I know/know of and say hello or introduce myself. Especially when it comes to a guy I'm severely attracted to, I just clam up and have a panic attack. Ironic enough, I've seemly been bumping into him every single time I've been in town recently. A sign? Maybe? Time will tell. However every time this has happened my inner-girl comes out and I may or may not squeal eternally. 

Fresh tea leaves and other goodness

The new addition to my "family"

Sunday; On our way to church, I ended up getting sick which made us get to the church late. That was a fun moment for me. We, being my mother and I, then waited outside until the service completed and once it let out we helped to clean/tidy up. Afterwards, we said our goodbyes and had to head home. It may have been a quick weekend but it was beautiful and I tried blueberry soda for the first time. So I'd say it was a success. Until next time...

With love,

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