Monday, 22 April 2013

All things coachella take 2!

Coachella weekend is here and I've pulled all nighters for both in order to catch my favourite acts and the top news! Thats dedication no? I think that deserves a lifetime free pass.

I think I've become so lost in awe at coachella lifestyle and community I've lost sight of reality. Its like a land of dreams and guess what... Kaitlin and I, and a few others plan to go easter/spring break 2014. I think me and Kaitlin deserve a trip after working our buts off and getting into universities, I think we will need it. Plus I've never left the UK so this is something completely new to me, I cant wait! Something to look forward too, something to work for ! Oh hell I can't even contain my excitement. I just hope the lineup is as good as this years or better. I mean come on this years line up was a dream for me it couldn't have been more right
how will they top it?

Anyway lets start with a few pictures !

Celeb' couples, friends and ex band members gather at Coachella dressed to impress... the hell out of me. Not one outfit/item of clothing here I would wear myself! So perfect. I plan to dress like a complete hippy/traveller/trance/fairy/queen but some how make this work as a fashionable, wearable outfit.

Some of my favourite acts:
James Blake.. isn't he amazing. His music is the kind that is so good my head can't process it properly and I get angry. He is that good. Take a listen!

Local natives! Now I could find the full set stream but this is my most favourite song ever. It takes me back to about three years maybe four years ago when I discovered on myspace... yes..... myspace.

There are so many more, but these two are the ones I enjoyed most. Complete favs and help me steam through my piles upon piles of course work!

The rest of the guys in pictures and snaps of the site and art around coachella. What a magical place to be!

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