Tuesday, 16 April 2013

All things Coachella

Who doesn't love music? More specifically who doesn't love music festivals?
Ugh I long for September to roll around to be able to see Mumford & Sons (yes, be jealous.) 

But until that time comes, I just have to sit back and envy the folks who made it to Coachella this year. The fashion, the art, the mutual love for incredible music and overall good vibes in California leave me starry eyed.  

I've always been a fan of Coachella, but this year's lineup left me in awestruck. I swear someone read my mind and picked out all of the possible artists that I am deeply infatuated with.   The line up this year was sick! A few jaw droppers were Yeasayer, Local Natives and Ben Howard. Brooke and I are eagerly waiting to hear what next year has to offer.

Infamous Ferris Wheel at Coachella

Celebs at Coachella


We are so stoked for Coachella 2014 like you wouldn't believe. We even plan on attending the festivities! Cali has always been a place that my heart belongs to. Music also holds a special place in my heart, so this would be the perfect opportunity for me!

I cannot get over the Coachella attire so I've kinda planned out my ideal outfit. It's exactly my cup of tea. Shabby boho is the way to go. I love just a flowly dress, maybe tie dye?Booties or gladiator sandals are a must. Maybe a taupe and neon yellow half moon mani to add a twist to your outfit. And of course tons of arm candy, a hat and rings galore!

You can even rent a teepee!

Drooling, drooling, the drooling never stops over this lineup

One of my personal picks from Coachella this year definitely had to be Allen Stone. He's made his way up to the top, quickly. People still are just discovering his music and thanks to Coachella he got a lot of publicity. Although I didn't get to catch him live, this man has got so much soul! You would never know how talented he was due to his nerdish good looks and long lion mane of hair. I am in love with his passion for music and I may be in love with him overall.

Another artist I cannot ever get over is Alt-J I am so in love with them. Ugh. I may even get to see them in the next coming months when they come to Florida (cue high pitched fangirl screaming.) My favorite song of their's is by far "Bloodflood". Take a listen, you're in for a treat.

Finally, here is an artist I have been addicted to for at least 5 years now. This is Phoenix everyone. Let me just tell you how friggin' incredible they are live. They pumped me up so much I almost was screaming while watching them in my house.

Saving my spare change now. See ya next year Coachella ;)

With love,

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