Monday, 18 March 2013

Starry Night: Nail tutorial

(To achieve this look, you need: toothpicks, 
a cup of room temperature water, at least
 2 nail polish colors in light blue and black, 
along with a clear coat and either gold 
or silver glitter, tape and if you're messy 
lots of paper towels, q-tips 
& nail polish remover.) 


Step one: Take the tape and place it around your finger nails,
 this will protect your skin from nail unwanted polish.


Step two: Very carefully drop a few drops of your nail polishes
 into the water. Take your toothpicks and run them through 
your creation. Make sure your cup is one that you
 don't mind ruining. *Note* ignore the orange
 color in the water, it was 
an experiment gone wrong.


Wah-la! Your end product! 
These babies have lasted me now almost 3 weeks. 
Finish them  off by placing your gold polish onto the 
sections of nails that didn't get any color. Then get
 rid of any access nail polish that may have ended 
up on your skin. Complete with a clear coat
 and you're done!

With love,

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