Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Illustration, Textiles and work space!

All relevant posts as lately I have been creating my own little work space beside my bed where I can do my textiles and illustrating. Its so cosy and warm I cant seem to get myself away from there. Must haves are, blankets, cushions and a cosy chair. Candles and calming smellies ( I'm obsessed with candles, you yet have this to learn! ). You MUST have a mac, but if youre like me and Kaitlin and happen to be a student with little money, you'll probably just have a normal laptop... but that will do!!
You need your self some brightness, so add a few posters/prints to a inspiration wall behind your desk stuck with some brightly coloured tapes and of course some illustrations to help motivate you and the way you work. And lastly, decorate with delicate plants here and there too bring the outside in so you don't feel so cooped up.... if your like me and spend hours on hours beind your desk creating constantly!
With love,
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