Thursday, 28 March 2013

Monthly post on project progression, personal thoughts and inspiration

I've been so half hearted with my college work lately it feels, though looking at it from another view I've actually spent most of my past weeks/months huddled up in my room with my new little desk, hidden away from the world doing all of my work and then some ( yet I'm still behind?? ).

I have began to pile a lot on myself and now I think its time to take a step back, take one deep breathe and go forward more smoothly. You see I am one of these people that put on a brave face but I'm secretly freaking out and I can feel this weight on my shoulders and right now more than ever since I have the easter holiday to get up to date with work for college in order to pass my course and follow through with university. So I guess I need to get my head in the game a bit more so to speak but to do so I need to step a side for a little while, relax a focus on something other than my art work for a moment. To focus on other things in my life that are also important and make up huge part of my happiness, I'm on art overload and its giving me ''creative block'' and I've torn so many pages out of my sketch books its a joke.

But anyway here is very few of the many photos from this month. Room tour coming soon!

With love,

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