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Hello there, I'm Kaitlin. I'm a 19 year old artist & photographer who hails from the sunny state of Florida. This blog is a direct reflection of myself as an individual along with my thoughts, my memories, secrets, struggles, my creations; the possibilities as to what I will post are endless. I hope that through this blog I can perceive myself as I truly am, allowing complete strangers to become familiar to me and are able to relate.

This blog was created to document my up and coming life. I will be attending University in the fall of 2013 (August). So far my major is undecided, but I'm considering on doing Studio Art as my major and Photography as my minor, while exploring musical endeavors and tipping my toe into the pond of live performing arts. I am currently also working on signing with a modeling agency; a dream of mine since the mere age of 15. I want to see myself transform into the person I'm meant to become by creating my own personal space as a timeline of sorts; this is where the blog comes into place.

"My mind is a wonderland."

I aspire to do great things in life; I want to live spontaneously while fulfilling all my dreams. I don't want to grow old with regrets. I feel as though my mind is a wonderland full of endless wonders and creativity; which is why I want to share myself with the world. In the next year or however long this blog should last, I hope to discover myself as a young women, fall in love, figure out what I'm supposed to do with the rest of my life along with everything that life throws at me in between.


Hello there beauties! I'm Brooke. I'm 18 year old from North London. A creative force, basically I draw, I cut, I dye, I paint, I sew and I make pretty things. I also happen to study textiles and design at college. If you're american like Kaitlin, college isn't University unfortunately its and English thing that we can choose to do among other options before we head of to University. I will be blogging my creations where they come from and what they lead to me producing, day to day notes/diary entries/thoughts, Music love, lady boners ( hotties ), out fit of the days, Beauty tips/favs, books, fitness, food ** takes a deep breathe ** and oh so much more I can't begin to list. Stuff  like Kaitlin has said, that can inspire others out there connect and appreciate all the things we do and love... especially since that is how myself and Kaitlin come together.

This blog is not only to help inspire myself, and keep my over worked brain in check from how many thoughts it thinks in one day, but to hopefully do the same for other people. Too keep a peace of mind with my self, my creative thoughts, my academical thoughts, and my personal thoughts. In the fall of September of this year ( 2013 ) I will be leaving for university. I'm currently still going through the interview process and have been accepted into one south of London. I'll be off to study illustration and my intentions of this blog is so that I become the BLOGGER rather than lets say, the reblogger. So Ill be blogging about me not just other people though there will be a little bit of that as well of course.

'''Bloom where you are planted''

I can't remember ever not knowing what kind of person I wanted to be, I remember being confused and wonder at times if its possible to get there but now I know as I'm fully on my way. I aspire to be a successful illustrator but this does not mean to say I wont aim for success in other areas. My mind and my ambition spreads far to wide to not experience as much as I can in this small life line! I've come up from a less privileged life style and I feel as though I'm doing really well for myself, I never thought I would even get to university and now I have an offer and I am proving myself wrong in all ways and I hope to go on breaking down barriers and believing I can do all sorts of things, given the importunity and to put in a bit of hard work because hard work ALWAYS pays off. Just do it, keep going!


The story behind us girls; 

Kaitlin tells :
Brooke and I met on tumblr. We would talk for ages about everything and anything. We instantly clicked. I honestly see her as my own creative muse, she inspires me to become a better artist. After several months of talking virtually through facebook and video chat, we decided to exchange snail mail. Now, nearly a year later we've become so close. We share so many similar interests, almost as though we are like long distance sisters attached by a tiny invisible string from the US to the UK. This is where the birth of this blog came to be. We decided to create our own personal world through social media to share our life experiences, our art, our love-lives; basically our own two different worlds. 

Brooke tells :
We met as small time bloggers on tumblr, we found each other by chance and became friends without even noticing. After months of keeping in contact via facebook/twitter/pen palling each other its became obvious to see we are two very similar minds, with artistic ambitions, we share the same personal thoughts, allowing us to relate on a top level in so many ways and with that we have become very close. We find inspiration in the same things and I honestly feel like we're one mind in two body's separated by miles of water. She is a creative little mite and inspires me, she is also a much stronger person than she thinks and give me hope in myself simply because she has hope and strength in herself over coming some of lifes crappy little obstetricals. The idea sprang to mind to create a blog some what like ''free people'' and inspiration from ''frankie'' magazine and then it finally clicked when I found a pair named ''new friends'' and then it just became a must.... to blog together, why didn't I think of it before?! I've been admiring Kaitlin's blog entries from a distance and now we can post together! 

Both say : 

 Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our blog, we hope you continue to visit us and watch us grow!


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