Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Sweater Weather; Florida Style

March 27th 2013;  I'm currently sipping on a hazlenut macchiato from Starbucks to keep me warm along with my new magenta knit sweater I just purchased. It's n i p p y out Florida. What is with this? While I may not be complaining I am also scratching my head in confusion. It's March, almost Easter, and it's about 60 degrees (Fahrenheit for you foreigners.) Speaking of Easter, I cannot wait until this weekend. My sister will be coming home to join us for the Holidays for four days. I am pumped! We plan on taking the pup to the beach and just enjoying ourselves (tons of pics to come.) Sidenote, don't skip a week of working out unless you want to die a most painful death. Let me know what you'd like to see on the blog, coming from either Brooke or I. Do you like these little weekly updates with my photography? Or would you like to see something else? I'm curious if you're likin' what we're posting or if you're expecting something more 'n excitin'! And with that I leave you with the jam "Sweater Weather" by "The Neighborhood" in remembrance of this chilly day. Chou chou.

With love, 

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