Thursday, 16 May 2013

Rings 'n things

Personally, I'm really addicted to rings. 
(Or I like to call them finger candy.) 
I am so addicted to midi rings at the moment. They are rings that lie on the ends of your knuckles. I think they're just absolutely gorgeous. Definitely fits my free-spirit and eccentric  personality. Thankfully, I got mine for a steal as well! Around $20 for the set on etsy (the hammered chevron + hammered midi ring.) They are both sterling silver + handmade! And I'm in love. The other ring I got was a vintage sterling silver turquoise ring. Got this sucker on a vintage shop on etsy. The amethyst sterling silver ring I got at a pop-up-shop during an antique market show locally. Look around, you'll be surprised as to what you may find! 

*Note: REAL sterling silver will have a "925" stamped inside the ring, check for that so you don't get ripped off*

I don't buy fake jewelry. Never have, never will. I don't see the point. Why waste approximately $4 on an item that will rust/break/turn your finger green? Invest that $4 into something you'll get a lot of use out of it. A quote that you should definitely keep in mind whenever you purchase something is, "You pay for what you get." So if you buy a cheapo  that's what you get 99& of the time. I like bargains, bargains are the best since you get more for your money.

Oh and this dang weather is killing me. It's getting really hot out in Florida. How's the weather where you are? Enjoy this mellow tune. Until next time.

With love,

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