Monday, 7 October 2013

First dates with my kind of new boyfriend back in july. Kew gardens!

Me and warren wet out for a day at Kew gardens in London. This was back in July when we first started to begin to date and we had our first English heat wave in about four years. The glass houses where so extremely hot and we were both extremely tired because of the heat and having to walk from place to place but never the less, a great day and a great place to go for some tranquility and inspiration. Nature has that effect I find. 

If you're ever to visit I recommend.
Sketch book
Desp camera's ( and lots of since there is a lot to capture )
and you must bring a blanket so you can take a rest from garden to garden!

We also went on many other trips to museums, sea life centres, the sea side, restraunts, cinema's and so on. Which I never had time to post about so now I'm playing catch up in hope I can draw some veiwers in and feel like I really am posting to someone haha! We are also going to Harry potter studios soon since I live five minutes away and also To Daughter, kodaline and hudson taylor gigs in coming months so watch out for them posts!!!!

Until then- With love

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